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On their new record TRAPEZIA, the Instrumental trio blends elements from Fusion and Progressive and contains a broad range of catchy hooks and infectious grooves alongside adventurous harmonies and provocative improvisations within accessible song structures.

Like much of their nomenclature, the album title references an astronomical phenomenon. “Trapezia“ describes a constellation of (at least) three stars, which, though lacking any gravitational hierarchy, maintain an erratic yet stable orbit around each other. An idea they feel perfectly sums up their unique modus operandi.

COSMIC LATTE’s music is the authentic unwillingness to align with any one musical paradigm.

Check out TRAPEZIA and let it take you on a cosmic voyage!

– LIVE –

Date City Venue Country
09/13/24 Hamburg Birdland DE

Official promotional picture for German Fusion Jazz Trio Cosmic Latte (Burkard Ruppaner - Drums, Tim Steiner - Bass, Ruben Roeh - Guitar). Picture by Alex Bach


When you press COSMIC LATTE – Ruben Roeh (guitar), Burkard Ruppaner (drums), and Tim Steiner (bass) – to define their music, they’ll share a telling look. How would anyone go about explaining this near-molecular bond? All three are formally trained musicians and as sidemen, have shared the stage hundreds of times, backing an eclectic roster of artists and performing a plethora of styles.

To detox, they’d occasionally get together for a palette-cleansing jam and while traversing their vast musical repertoire, discovered unprecedented common ground. Following this trajectory felt almost like an obligation.

With COSMIC LATTE, they now combine that impressive track record with their fortuitously aligned tastes and complimentary skill sets, and what you end up with is little short of magic – now available in the form of “Trapezia”: Nine tracks bursting with masterful musicianship, tasteful themes, colorful chords – all juxtaposed against a set of galloping grooves, concocted by a trio, who’s hearts, souls, and immense musical skill are in perfect sync.